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Psychotherapist Consultation Anastasia Ionak

We usually start thinking about the way we live just when suffering appears. At that moment, we only want to eliminate the problem though it is just a consequence of our lifestyle.

Psychotherapy is more than just solving a problem, finding an answer to a question. It is a close look at ourselves, at the patterns of our life: at who we are and who we consider ourselves to be; at what we have achieved and where we are going; at what we hope for and what we regret about; at what we say and what we do; at how we choose; at how we greet and say goodbye, start and end things; at how we build relationships with others and with ourselves; and many others.

The whole life consists of these small details forming a single pattern, which can seem satisfying or frustrating. Therefore, I am inviting you to view the picture of your life in a lively creative space and paint it with real actions. Perhaps, you will consider some new shades in the old, or maybe you will find the right combination of colors for another touch, harmoniously woven into the canvas of your life.

Психотерапевт Анастасия Ионак

Anastasia Ionak

Existential therapist, logotherapist, member of International association of logotherapy and existential analysis
As a person, I learned to perceive the world through very different lenses that life may offer, like foreign languages, music, diplomacy, mysticism, religions, philosophy and psychology. Several educations of mine brought me to psychology, where I keep growing my mind and soul attending a variety of courses and workshops as well as individual therapy, which is a must for every specialist. However, I believe that there is no better teacher than life itself, and once you notice this fact, you never stop developing, either with a guide or on your own.
Psychotherapist Consultation Anastasia Ionak


Individual therapy

My individual work is built on short-term therapy methods (depending on a client’s request — up to 10 meetings on average). The meeting lasts 60 minutes, but the first, which is a diagnostic one, can be up to 90 minutes. Any mutually convenient platform for video meetings, such as skype, hangouts, facebook video-call, or zoom, works well.
Reasons for therapy
If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t see the light at the end of a tunnel, and everything is painted in black colors, it means that life can’t stay the same as before and you should change as well. The problem here is that it is not easy to accept and move on. Moreover, it is near impossible to find meaning in suffering.
If your lifestyle/daily routine makes your days look the same, and it’s no more exciting to live your life but «tasteless» and boring, you are metaphorically near to death rather than life. Apparently, you usually do what you have to do rather than what you want. Besides, it becomes difficult to feel at least something since you tend to block your emotions.
If you don’t know yourself, it’s a problem to express yourself the way you want and to feel confident even in a relationship. Also, if your self-esteem is low, it might feel like you don’t deserve to be noticed and to be heard. The problem is while you are observing your inner worlds, the reality turns out to be different than expected.
Psychotherapist Consultation Anastasia Ionak


Up to 10 people

Once in a week

2-hour meetings

Group therapy meetings

Be yourself among others
As a life-sense oriented psychologist, I’m inviting you to join group therapy meetings. The group work will be helpful for those who are in crisis, for those who want to understand themselves better, find out their unique ways to be «alive» and to be among others, who need support and interaction, who want to become more social, etc.
If you are willing to join, please, contact me and we will have a short 15-minutes orientation interview and then all together agree on the most comfortable time for everyone (considering different time-zones). Can’t wait to meet you who are very far away but so close spiritually. Looking forward to hearing from you! I’d be glad to answer if you have any questions.
Sincerely, Anastasia


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Психотерапевт Анастасия Ионак
It looks like an intimate conversation where you are not judged and where the rule of confidence works strictly, which gives the opportunity to be open and sincere to the max. It looks like you are listened to without any personal expectations and desire to get something from you. It looks like the cave with no light before becomes lightened up, so that you can separate illusion from reality and do something with this. It looks like a place where you can be just the way you are exploring your reality through different perspectives. Finally, it looks like life here and now being consciously stared at to see what you usually don’t see and do what seems important.
The process includes two people interacting, so that the responsibility is shared. With the strongest desire of the therapist to help, it’s impossible in case a client is not ready to open Pandora’s box of oneself and make some real steps to make a difference. No one can change your life for you or against your will. All I can do is to guide the travelling along the rivers of your life the best way I can. Actually, the main part of the work happens between the meetings when you integrate new experience into life and start noticing new things.
The meetings are usually held once a week. More often is still possible in case of a deep crisis you have.
You must have a quiet place with no one to hear you or bother you somehow, a piece of paper to fix some important thoughts or ideas, a glass of water and some tissues in case you get emotional. I may sometimes ask you to do the homework.
I use philosophy and presence rather than methods, which, of course, also appear during the therapy. Psychological approaches inspiring my work are existential therapy, logotherapy, and Gestalt therapy.